• [End of Facility Open House] This facility open to public as of March 31, 2020.
The facility is currently not open to the publics.
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Facility Overview

Located in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, about an hour's drive from central Tokyo, the 5.5-hectare site is a commercial filming facility with open sets for period dramas. The period settings of the sets range from the Warring States to Edo, and from Meiji to Showa periods, making it possible to record and film in a variety of period settings. There is a wide variety of scenery, and part of the building can also be used for indoor filming. In addition, a simple studio of 150 sam is also available, and there are also preparation rooms, waiting rooms for performers, and other backyard facilities. The facility is operated by NHK Enterprises, Inc. and its staff will support your filming on location.

Facility Layout



▼Facilities Introduction Movie

Click on the photo to view the introduction movie. (Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari , Microsoft Edge)

Middle Ages Area || medieval to modern ages

Row houses
Row houses
Main street of the_Edo era
Main street of the Edo era
Samurai residence
Samurai residence
Castle from the Warring States priod
Castle from the Warring States priod

modern ages area

Alley of the Meiji era

Alley of the Meiji era
Merchant street of the Showa era
Merchant street of the Showa era
Business district of the Taisho and early Taisho eras

Business district of the Taisho and early Taisho eras
Streetcar || Tram

Streetcar || Tram

Color Var.

Warp Station Edo - Facility Introduction
Warp Station Edo Commercial


Drone Impact Challenge

This video was filmed at our facility.

Location Use Information

Please feel free to call us to check the availability of our facilities or to make a preliminary inspection.

Tentative reservations for filming on location will be accepted upon arrival at the facility.

Contact us


(weekdays 9:00-17:00)

offer Fees
For details on how to apply for use, please refer to the "Warp Station Edo Location Use Guide". For details on fees, please refer to "Warp Station Edo: List of Fees for Use of Facilities, etc.". (Revised April 1, 2021)
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There is no public transportation to our facility. Please drive, or take a taxi from the nearest train station.

If you are coming by car from the center of Tokyo
  • Joban Highway
    →Approx. 20 minutes from "Yawahara I.C.", Approx. 10 minutes from "Yatabe I.C."
By train
  • Tsukuba Express Line, Kanto Railway Joso Line
    →approx. 20 minutes by taxi from Moriya Station
  • Tsukuba Express Line (local train)
    →Approx. 10 minutes by taxi from Miraidaira Station
  • JR Tokiwa Line
    →approx. 25 minutes by taxi from Toride Station

Google Maps (Location: 1176 Minamiota, Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Management Office

Warp Station Edo is a filming facility managed and operated by NHK Enterprises, Inc.

▼ Management Office
Name Warp Station Edo Management Office,
NHK Enterprises, Inc.
Address 1176 Minami-Ohta, Tsukubamirai City,
Ibaraki Prefecture, 300-2306, Japan
Telephone 0297-47-6062
F A X 0297-47-6063